The Best Smart Home Devices For Pet Owners

You know what they say: pets are family. And while you can’t replace a human, there are plenty of smart home devices that can help make your furry friends feel closer to you or even help with their health and wellness.

Best Smart Home Devices for Pets!
Key Takeaways
Pet owners can benefit significantly from adopting smart home devices designed specifically for homes with pets.
Smart home devices can enhance home security, improve energy efficiency, simplify pet care, and promote the well-being of pets.
The best smart home devices for pet owners vary depending on personal preferences and needs.
Automated feeders, pet cameras, smart collars, and robot vacuums are some of the most popular smart pet gadgets available today.
To keep pets safe and healthy, smart pet gadgets such as activity trackers and GPS collars can be utilized.

Petcube Bites

Petcube Bites is a smart camera that lets you watch, talk and play with your pet from anywhere. It’s a Wi-Fi connected camera that streams live HD video and audio to your phone, tablet or computer.

If you’re away from home, Bites will send automated snapshots of what’s happening with your pet via email or text message so that you can see how they are doing without having to call or check in on them repeatedly. 

You can also use 2-way audio communication through the app so that you can speak directly with them while they’re getting their daily exercise in (or sleeping on the couch).

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Furbo Dog Camera

For pet owners who want to keep an eye on their dogs when they’re away, the Furbo Dog Camera is an excellent choice. 

It’s a WiFi camera that allows you to see and talk to your dog from anywhere in the world. You can also use it as a treat dispenser or even play with them remotely using its two-way audio function!

The Furbo is perfect for monitoring your pup while they’re home alone–it has a bark detection system that will send you notifications when your dog barks (or growls), so you’ll know if anything’s wrong right away.

Petnet SmartFeeder

The Petnet SmartFeeder automatically dispenses food and water, which is great for pet owners who don’t have time to feed their pets every day or make sure they’re getting enough water. It can also be used to dispense medication and treats!

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Blueair Classic Pet

If you’re looking for a smart air purifier that can help you keep your home clean and healthy, consider the Blueair Classic Pet. 

This device uses a three-step filtration system to remove pet dander, dust, pollen, smoke and other irritants from the air. It also automatically detects when there’s an increase in pet dander in your home so it can kick into high gear when necessary. 

The app allows users to monitor their indoor environment as well as set up schedules for when they want their purifiers turned on or off (for example: “Turn on at 5 p.m.”). You can even control multiple units through one app using Bluetooth technology!

Brand and ModelRoom Size CoverageFilter TypeNoise LevelPrice
Blueair Classic Pet540 sq. ft.HEPASilent filter, activated carbon filter32 – 56 dB$399
Winix HR900 Ultimate Pet Air Purifier300 sq. ft.5-stage filtration system, PlasmaWave Technology27.8 – 60 dB$249.99
Hamilton Beach TrueAir Pet Air Purifier140 sq. ft.3-stage filtration system43 – 57 dB$62.99
LEVOIT Air Purifier for Home Allergies and Pets Hair Smokers215 sq. ft.H13 HEPA filter, activated carbon filter24 – 50 dB$99.99

In this table, we compare some of the top air purifiers for pet hair on the market, including the Blueair Classic Pet. The Blueair Classic Pet has a room size coverage of 540 sq. ft., features a HEPASilent filter, activated carbon filter to remove pet hair and allergens, and has a noise level of 32 – 56 dB, depending on fan speed.

Other notable features in the table include the Winix HR900 Ultimate Pet Air Purifier’s 5-stage filtration system and PlasmaWave Technology, the Hamilton Beach TrueAir Pet Air Purifier’s 3-stage filtration system, and the LEVOIT Air Purifier for Home Allergies and Pets Hair Smokers H13 HEPA filter and activated carbon filter.

D-Fuzz-It Sweater & Fabric Comb

The D-Fuzz-It is a combination lint roller and fabric comb that can be used on clothing, furniture and bedding. It’s perfect for pet owners who want to keep their furry friends looking their best as well. 

The device is compact enough to carry around in your purse or backpack so you can easily bring it with you wherever you go. The bonus lint roller included with your purchase makes this product even more convenient; just pull out the handle when needed!

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Kurgo Gourd Water Bottle

The Kurgo Gourd Water Bottle is a durable and leakproof water bottle that’s perfect for taking on walks with your pup. 

The bottle features a grippy silicone sleeve, which makes it easy to hold and prevents slippage while you’re trying to drink from it. 

It’s also dishwasher-safe, BPA-free, and has a handy carabiner clip so you can attach the bottle securely to any leash or belt loop. This means you don’t have to worry about losing or dropping your precious cargo when out on an adventure with your pet–it’ll stay put!

The best part about this product? It comes in three different sizes: small (0.5L), medium (1L), large (1.5L). 

So whether you’re looking for something compact enough not take up much space but still able to hold plenty of fresh water; something more spacious with extra capacity so there’s no need refilling every five minutes; or somewhere in between these two extremes…the choice is yours!

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iFetch Frenzy

If you’re looking for a way to keep your dog occupied while they’re home alone, then iFetch Frenzy is the perfect solution. 

This device can throw a ball up to 100 feet, so it’ll work in any space where you have room to play. 

It can also be used indoors or outdoors and with any size ball or toy, which means that you don’t need to worry about buying special toys just for this machine–your pup will probably be able to find something around the house that he wants to play with!

The only downside of this product is its price tag: at $150+, it’s not cheap but it does come with two motors (one motor powers each arm) so it has twice as much power than other similar devices on the market today.

K&H Thermal Bowl

The K&H Thermal Bowl is a great option for pet owners who want to keep their pets’ food and water at a constant temperature. It can be heated in the microwave, or used to keep food and water cool in summer.

Clean House Litter Robot III Open-Air Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box

The Clean House Litter Robot III Open-Air Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box is a perfect solution for pet owners who want to keep their house clean and tidy, but don’t have the time or energy to do it themselves.

The litter box uses its patented sifting system to separate the waste from pee and poop, so you can just throw away the dirty part of your cat’s business without having to touch it or clean up after them yourself. 

It also cleans itself automatically every day, so no need for daily maintenance! The unit is designed with an open air design that allows air circulation through its internal components which helps prevent odors from building up inside of it (a common problem with traditional closed designs). 

In addition, this model features whisper quiet motors so your pets won’t be disturbed by noise as well as motion sensors which activate cleaning cycles only when necessary–meaning less power consumption over time too!

This product comes equipped with multiple features specifically made for cats: An anti-bacterial shield built into its lid prevents bacteria growth along surfaces where food gets stored nearby; reversible doors allow owners freedom when deciding where best place their kitty’s new digs within their homes; adjustable heights ensure maximum comfortability regardless if one wants theirs lying down horizontally or vertically depending upon how much space they require during digestion periods.”

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CitiKitty Cat Toilet Training Kit

If you’re going to get a cat toilet training kit, here are some things to remember:

  • Don’t forget to clean the toilet after use.
  • Don’t forget to change the litter.
  • Don’t forget to clean the toilet seat (and any other surfaces that might have gotten dirty).

Don’t forget to flush! This is key! If you don’t flush, your cat may take it upon him/herself–I mean itself–to do so later on in an unsanitary manner involving urine and feces being flung around like confetti at an over-the-top wedding reception in Las Vegas. 

Or something like that; I don’t know what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas but I’m sure it involves lots of partying and drinking until dawn…and then waking up early enough for work so we can keep our jobs before heading home again afterwards because there aren’t many opportunities out there these days unless we want them badly enough ourselves; but anyways back on topic now where were we oh yes? Right: flushing ! 

Make sure yours gets flushed regularly too because otherwise this could lead down another path which leads nowhere good…

Brand and ModelKey FeaturesPrice
CitiKitty Cat Toilet Training Kit5-step, gradual training system, reusable, fits all toilet sizes, eliminates litter odors$29.99
Litter Kwitter3-step training system with color-coded stages, reusable, adjustable, fits most toilets$49.95
PetSafe ScoopFree Self-Cleaning Litter BoxAutomatic cleaning, crystal litter, covered design, adjustable timer, health counter$139.99
CatGenie Self-Cleaning Litter BoxAutomatic cleaning and flushing, granule wash, eliminates litterbox waste$252.18
Catit Jumbo Hooded Litter BoxLarge design, carbon filter, removable hood for cleaning, swinging door$39.99

In this table, we compare some of the top cat toilet training kits on the market, including the CitiKitty Cat Toilet Training Kit. The CitiKitty kit features a 5-step, gradual training system, is reusable, fits all toilet sizes, and eliminates litter odors, all at a very affordable price.

Other notable features in the table include the Litter Kwitter’s 3-step training system with color-coded stages, PetSafe ScoopFree Self-Cleaning Litter Box’s automatic cleaning and adjustable timer, and the Catit Jumbo Hooded Litter Box’s carbon filter and swinging door.

GoBone Smart Toy for Dogs

This is a smart toy for dogs, which can be used to train your pooch and also as a chewable treat dispenser. GoBone is durable, safe and easy to use. It’s like giving your dog its own little vending machine!

The GoBone resembles an actual bone with the top cut off so that you can put treats inside of it. You can put anything from peanut butter or cheese cubes in there–the sky’s the limit! 

The bottom part of this product has grooves cut out so that when your dog chews on it they will be able to get some food out as well as keep their teeth healthy at the same time (if they’re not already).

Wagz Explore Smart Collar and Base Station Set

If you’re a pet owner and want to keep tabs on your dog’s location, activity, or both, the Wagz Explore Smart Collar and Base Station Set is an excellent choice. 

The collar comes with GPS tracking technology that can be used in conjunction with the base station to help you keep track of Fido as he runs around town.

This smart collar is compatible with both iOS and Android devices so it won’t matter which type of smartphone or tablet you use–the app will work just fine!

Brand and ModelFeaturesPrice
Wagz Explore Smart Collar and Base Station SetReal-time GPS tracking, WiFi-enabled base station, 2-way audio, geofencing, activity monitoring$299.99
Whistle Go ExploreReal-time tracking and alerts, activity monitoring, 20-day battery life, waterproof$129.95
Fi Smart Dog CollarGPS tracking, activity monitoring, escape alerts, remote LED light, 3-month rechargeable battery$149
Link AKC Smart CollarGPS tracking, activity monitoring, temperature alerts, remote turn-on light and sound, leather strap$99.99

In this table, we compare some of the top smart collars on the market, including the Wagz Explore Smart Collar and Base Station Set.

Wagz’s smart collar provides real-time GPS tracking, a WiFi-enabled base station, 2-way audio, geofencing, and activity monitoring, making it a robust solution for pet owners who want to keep their pets safe.

Other notable features in the table include the Whistle Go Explore’s 20-day battery life, the Fi Smart Dog Collar’s 3-month rechargeable battery, and the Link AKC Smart Collar’s leather strap design.


As you can see, there are plenty of smart home devices that will help keep your pet happy and healthy. 

Whether it’s monitoring their activity or feeding them remotely, these gadgets make life easier for busy pet owners who want to be sure their furry friends are getting everything they need without having to be there all the time themselves. 

We hope this article helped you find something perfect for your furry friend!

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What are the best smart home devices for pet owners?

The best smart home devices for pet owners depend on your specific needs. However, some common options include automated feeders, smart cameras, pet doors, robot vacuums and pet trackers.

Can smart home devices help keep my pets safe?

Yes, smart home devices such as cameras, pet GPS collars, and smart lock pet doors can help keep your pets safe by enabling you to monitor their behavior and location and prevent unwanted access to your home.

Can smart home devices help with my pets’ health?

Yes, you can use smart pet devices such as activity trackers to monitor your pets’ health by tracking movement and activity levels. Some devices also provide data on feeding and water habits.

Are smart pet gadgets expensive?

Smart pet gadgets can vary in price depending on the device and the functionality you need. However, many basic gadgets such as automated feeders or pet cameras are quite affordable.

What are some benefits of using smart home devices for pets?

Using smart home devices for pets provides various benefits such as remote monitoring and security, improved pet health, and convenience in managing your pets’ daily routine.