Protect Your Home With These 17 Affordable Security Measures

It’s no secret that property crime is on the rise. In many cities in the United States, burglaries are more common than violent crimes. There are a lot of ways to protect your home from potential break-ins from installing security cameras to hiding valuables in plain sight. 

Top 10 Ways to Protect Your House From Burglars
Protecting your home and family is important, and there are many affordable ways to do it.
When it comes to home security, being vigilant and proactive is key.
Home security systems can enhance your protection, but there are also many DIY options for securing your home.
Don’t fall for common home security myths or make small mistakes that could compromise your safety.
Keep your home secure with affordable measures like deadbolts, window locks, and motion-activated lights.

But here are 17 ways to help keep your personal possessions safe:

Optimize Your Door Locks

Install a Deadbolt

A deadbolt is the best way to lock your door, because it’s not easily picked or broken. It can also be installed with a chain lock for added security.

Install a Chain Lock

A chain lock is quick and easy to use, so you won’t have to fumble with keys when you’re in a rush. However, this type of lock doesn’t offer as much protection as deadbolts do since they can be broken or picked more easily than their counterparts. Install one if you don’t want to deal with locking and unlocking multiple times per day but still want some extra protection on top of your regular keyed lockset.

Install a Door Bar

A door bar creates an additional barrier between burglars and those inside your home and it’s super cheap! Just look at these ones from Amazon ($9-$30) that are easy to install and even easier on the wallet (you can also make one yourself).

Whether you’re moving into a new house or looking to update your home security, it’s important to be vigilant and take steps to protect your property. Check out our list of 10 Home Security Tips You Need to Know Now for affordable ways to secure your home and keep your family safe.

Add Deadbolts to Your Doors

Deadbolts are more secure than a standard lock. Deadbolts have a bolt that slides into the door frame when you turn the key, preventing anyone from kicking in your door. 

A chain lock, on the other hand, is simply a link between two parts of your door and should only be used as an addition to your deadbolt (and not as its only security measure).

You can install deadbolts on either side of your doors inside or outside. If you’re worried about intruders breaking into both sides of your home and forcing themselves through an open window or open back door, installing deadbolts on both sides will prevent them from doing so.

Deadbolts are more secure than padlocks because they require keys to operate them instead of just turning a dial like padlocks do.

Get a Smart Doorbell Camera

Smart doorbell cameras are affordable and easy to install, making them a great option for protecting your home. 

They can be used to monitor the front door, back door, and garage doors. They also make good home security devices that can help keep an eye on your pets.

Get one of these useful gadgets now so you’ll be ready when someone tries to break into your house!

There are many home security myths out there that can lead homeowners astray and compromise the safety of their property. Our article on Don’t Fall for These Common Home Security Myths breaks down some of the most prevalent myths to help you avoid common pitfalls.

Add Security Windows with Metal Bars

If you live in an older home or don’t plan on staying in your current home for very long, security bars are a good idea. They can be installed on the inside or outside of your home, and they’re relatively inexpensive to install. 

Installation is easy, and once installed they can easily be removed if you move or decide not to keep them. In addition to being removable, these window security bars can also be painted so that they match the color of your home.

Invest in Motion Sensor Floodlights

Motion sensor floodlights are the perfect solution for illuminating dark areas of your property. They use less energy than traditional floodlights, which means they’re more affordable. 

They’re also easy to install and can be set up in minutes without having to hire a professional. Finally, they make an effective deterrent against burglars because they turn on automatically when someone walks into their range of motion sensors.

Choose Wireless Security Cameras

Wireless security cameras can be a huge help when you’re trying to protect your home. They’re easy to install and easy on the budget, but they also offer more versatility and security than wired versions. 

If you have an older home, it’s likely that there are plenty of nooks and crannies where wires can get stuck or tangled. Wireless cameras eliminate this problem by using radio waves instead of cable connections. 

This means that you don’t have to worry about accidentally cutting into an existing wire when installing your new camera! Also, with wireless cameras, there’s no need for any drilling into walls or ceilings simply stick the magnetized base on any surface and aim the lens wherever you’d like it directed!

Wireless security cameras come in two different types: IP-based systems (iPVs) allow users full control over their video footage online through their smartphones; non-IP systems require local storage devices such as SD cards or USB thumb drives in order for footage from them being transferred outside of its original location via computer after recording has occurred.

Product NameFeaturesPrice
Arlo Pro 42K video with HDR, two-way audio, built-in spotlight, 160-degree field of view, compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant$199.99
Nest Cam IQ Outdoor1080p HD video with HDR, two-way audio, facial recognition, person alerts, built-in Google Assistant$399.99
Ring Stick Up Cam1080p HD video, two-way audio, motion-activated alerts, night vision, compatible with Alexa$99.99
Blink Outdoor1080p HD video, two-year battery life, customizable motion detection, weather-resistant design$99.99

This table provides a comparison of different wireless security cameras that can enhance your home protection.

Wireless cameras are easy to install and offer flexibility in placement, and the table includes options from well-known brands like Arlo, Nest, Ring, and Blink. Features such as high-quality video, facial recognition, and integration with smart home devices are also highlighted to help you make an informed decision.

Put Up Security Signs and Decals

Security signs can deter burglars by letting them know that your home is protected and making them think twice before trying to break in.

They also act as a visual reminder that someone is home, which can deter would-be intruders.

If you’re looking for a way to make sure your house looks occupied at all times, security decals are an easy fix. It’s best if they’re kept on the windows where they’ll be visible from outside.

When it comes to home security, even small mistakes can have big consequences. Our article on The Most Common Home Security Mistakes to Avoid provides valuable insights on how to identify and prevent common oversights to ensure your home security is as strong as possible.

Install a Burglar Alarm System

Installing a burglar alarm system is one of the most effective ways to protect your home. There are many options available, ranging from DIY systems that can be installed without professional help, to professionally installed systems with monitoring. 

The cost of these systems varies greatly based on the type of equipment you choose and whether or not you have it professionally installed. 

If you don’t want to deal with installing anything yourself, there are companies like ADT and Vivint that will do all of the work for you. If budget is tight but still want some peace of mind then look into SimpliSafe or Frontpoint (these two companies provide monitoring but no alarm system).

Hide Valuables in Plain Sight

You may not have a safe big enough to store all the possessions you want to protect, but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep them out of sight. Whether it’s jewelry or electronics, try to find creative ways to hide valuables around your home. 

If you’re worried about fire hazards, opt for a fireproof safe with an automatic lock feature and place it on the ground floor so it will be accessible if there’s ever an emergency.

Tightening up your home security doesn’t have to break the bank. Our article on 15 Surprising Ways to Secure Your Home on a Budget offers practical and affordable ways to enhance your home security and keep your property and family protected.

Trim Shrubs and Trees Around Your Home

Trim shrubs and trees around your home. Don’t allow them to grow too close to windows or doors, and make sure they are trimmed back so that branches do not easily reach inside a room. 

If you have a lot of trees, consider hiring a professional tree service every few years to check for hazards and trim back branches as needed.

Keep Lights on While Away from Home

Turn lights on and off with timers.

  • Use motion sensors to turn lights on when you enter a room, and turn them off when you leave.
  • Install solar-powered outdoor lights along walkways and near garage doors; they’ll automatically light up in the dark (and help deter intruders).
  • Replace regular light bulbs in your fixtures with dimmable ones—you’ll be able to save energy while still being able to see well enough to move around at night!
  • Place nightlights throughout your home so that even if the electricity goes out, you’ll be able to navigate easily through a dark room or hallway without needing to turn on lights (and possibly alerting burglars).
  • Install a security camera with built-in infrared LEDs so that it can record not only during daylight hours but also into pitch blackness (when intruders are most likely lurking).
Product NameFeaturesPrice
Philips Hue White and Color AmbianceFull color spectrum with smart home integration, control from your smartphone, set schedules to turn on and off$59.99
Sylvania Smart+ LEDSmart home integration with Alexa and Google Assistant, dimmable bulbs, set schedules to turn on and off$19.99
GE C-LifeCompatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, set schedules to turn on and off, dimmable$13.99
LIFX A19 LEDFull color spectrum with smart home integration, customizable dimming, control from your smartphone or voice$59.99

This table provides a comparison of different smart light bulbs that can help deter burglars by giving the appearance of someone being home. By setting schedules or using voice commands, you can control when the lights turn on and off.

The table includes brand name products such as Philips Hue and Sylvania Smart+ LED, as well as more affordable options from GE and LIFX.

Store Spare Keys Securely Away From Your House

You may be tempted to leave spare keys with a friend or family member, but that’s not a good idea. 

If you do this, your emergency contact should be someone who lives nearby and is reliable not just some acquaintance who might forget where he left the spare key. 

Don’t leave extra keys in your mailbox you never know when someone could go through it. And don’t leave them anywhere outside of your home: burglars can easily find and steal them that way.

Choosing the right home security system can leave you feeling overwhelmed. Our guide on How to Choose the Best Home Security System for Your Needs helps simplify the process by breaking down key considerations and explaining the pros and cons of different security systems so you can make an informed decision.

Give Your Mail a Secure Home Away From Home

If you’re like me and have more than a few bills to pay, it can be tempting to leave your mail in an unsecured mailbox for the weekend. 

The problem with this is that it gives criminals ample opportunity to steal your identity. To keep your mail out of harm’s way, try one of these options:

A locking mailbox. This option is fairly affordable and will allow you to get packages delivered safely by mail carriers who know how to access the box without compromising its security features.

 You may also want to consider having parcel delivery services deliver directly inside of your home instead if you’re not comfortable with strangers accessing your personal space at all times (though this requires more vigilance on behalf of the homeowner).

A P.O. box or private courier service (like UPS or FedEx). While private couriers are generally easier than post office boxes when it comes time for pick-up/drop-off because they aren’t locked like POBs can be (depending on location), they do cost more money on a monthly basis—so weigh whether convenience is worth paying more for before deciding which method works best for you!

Get a Timer Switch for Indoor Lights, TV, or Radio

You can use a timer switch to control indoor lights, TV, and radio. Set the timer switch to turn off after a certain period of time so that you don’t have to remember to turn things off when you leave your house.

If you spend lots of time in front of the TV or listening to music or radio shows, consider getting an energy-saving device that automatically turns off power when not in use for extended periods of time. This will reduce your energy bill and reduce carbon footprint—and it doesn’t cost much!

Mark Valuables with UV Readable Ink

It’s important to know where your valuables are at all times. We’ve already talked about how you should use a dedicated safe or lock box to store your jewelry, but what if you want to make sure no one has been able to see inside? You could try marking the outside of the box with UV-visible ink, which will glow under black lights and UV lights (which can be purchased online). 

This way, even if someone is trying their hand at prying open your lock box in the middle of the night when no one is around to stop them, they won’t be able to get away with anything valuable due to their inability to see what’s inside without tools for destroying your property and violating your privacy rights.

Product NameFeaturesPrice
Invisible Ink PenWater-based ink, invisible to the naked eye but visible under UV light, suitable for use on most surfaces$3.99
Smart Water CSIPermanent marking ink, unique code links your valuables to you and law enforcement databases, visible under UV light$39.99
ID Security StampStamp with UV readable ink that marks your property and includes warnings to deter theft$14.99

This table compares different products that use UV-readable ink to mark your valuables. By marking your items with UV ink, you make it easier to identify them as yours in the event of theft or loss. The table includes brand name products such as Smart Water CSI as well as generic options like an invisible ink pen, providing a range of options at different price points.

Find Safe Places to Put Out-of-Town Keys and Spare Car Keys

If you’re going out of town, it’s important to keep your keys in a safe place. Your car will be fine in the driveway, but it’s also wise to protect your home while you’re away.

If your home has an enclosed garage or carport with a locking door, that may be sufficient for keeping out intruders. If not, consider putting them inside one of the following:

  • A safe-deposit box at a local bank (but make sure not to store any passwords with them)
  • An inconspicuous location inside your house that is not visible from windows or doors
  • A lockbox hidden under a hedge or deck pillar


All in all, it’s time to take your home security seriously. If you’re willing to make these changes and protect your family, then we wish you the best of luck in keeping them safe and sound.

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What are some affordable ways to secure my home?

You can secure your home on a budget by installing deadbolts, reinforcing your door frames, installing a peephole, and adding window locks.

How can I make my home less attractive to burglars?

Burglars are deterred by visible security measures like security cameras, motion-activated lights, and alarm systems. Keep your landscaping trimmed and install strong doors and locks to make your home less appealing to intruders.

What are some common home security mistakes to avoid?

Some common home security mistakes include leaving spare keys in obvious places, advertising your vacation plans on social media, and leaving valuables in plain sight.

How do I choose the right home security system for me?

Factors to consider when choosing a home security system include your budget, the size and layout of your home, and the types of protection you need. Consider features like security cameras, motion sensors, and 24/7 monitoring to determine the best system for your needs.

Are smart home devices secure?

Smart home devices can be secure when configured properly, but it’s important to take steps to protect your devices and your network, such as using strong, unique passwords and keeping your devices up to date with the latest software.